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You’re probably not utilizing your about me or bio on your social media profiles to its full potential.


Time and time again we see the same thing. A Realtor has a long drawn out paragraph referring to themselves in the 3rd person. They go on listing a myriad of things that a potential customer doesn’t care about. How do you stand out in a crowd with an amazing bio or about me that captures the attention of a potential customer? Here’s 5 quick tips you’ll need plus free an in-depth guide on writing an amazing bio section on your online profiles.

What are your specialties?

What is it that you do well as a realtor? Why do you love being in the business? This is a great time to catch the attention of your potential client. What are the broader services you’re able to provide? What is the number one reason someone should work with you instead of another realtor? Make your about me start out strong.

Narrow down your expertise.

Do you have a location you know more about than anyone on the planet? A specific home type you love selling? List the skills and local knowledge that differentiate you from your competitors. Stand out from the crowd and really get the point home that YOU are the person that they should be working with.

Break it down into sections.

Make sure you don’t plaster a large paragraph of information in front of a potential customer. Sections and headers can organize your bio into easily readable content. Our guide has some additional guidance on sections you can use as well as some other key factors.

Close with an excellent Call to Action.

How do you get someone to contact you after you’ve written the perfect About Me profile? Call them to action. Calls to Action are critical in online marketing but even more so in the realm of real estate. How does someone start the ball rolling? Do you want them to call? Email? Fill out a contact form? Book an appointment? Make it CLEAR to potential clients how they should be starting their journey with you. Control the experience from the first interaction.

Elite Tip – Video Bio

78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day. (via hubspot). If you really want to catch someone’s attention an introduction video is the way to go. Some profiles don’t allow video but Zillow will let you post one to your profile. You can also use a quick about me video to cross market on any other platform. A video bio allows you to share more in much less time and is more attractive to potential clients than just a paragraph and producing your own about me video isn’t as hard as it used to be.

Make sure you download our free guide below for even more resources. Get in touch with us today to learn about all of our Referral Partner Advantage tools and guidance we provide you for FREE.


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