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Being a first-time homeowner I didn't know anything about what was to come. The Orlicki group made everything easy and smooth. They answered all my questions in a timely manner. They rock.


Oliver and his team are great at what they do. They were super helpful in walking me through every step of the process. I'd highly recommend working with The Orlicki Group.


Oliver and his team work efficiently and timely through the mortgage process. I would highly recommend the Orlicki group for anyone looking to refi or acquire a mortgage.

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What Causes Mortgage Rates to Change?

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Mortgage rates change daily, and sometimes multiple times per day. In this article, “mortgage rates” will refer to the combination of upfront cost and actual interest rate described here: The…

Refinancing Your Mortgage 101

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Mortgage Basics – Condo Buying 101

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About Me Bio Free Guide

Realtor Bio and About Me Optimization – 5 Tips and FREE GUIDE

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Relocating When Buying?

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The relocation home-buying process can be quite the struggle if not correctly structured. If you take time in the planning you can be sure to escape most setbacks. Here are…
Older Home Buyers

A Guide to Buying a Home for Older Adults

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Perhaps you thought you'd be settled into a paid-off home by the time you retired, but the truth is, many adults choose to buy a new home in their senior…

PreQualification vs PreApproval

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You're going to hear both the terms PreQualification and PreApproval, but they don't mean the same thing! Before the home search begins with your real estate agent, a pre-approval mortgage…

Let The Kids Play A Role Too!

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Let The Kids Play A Role Too! Do you have children that can lend a hand? Here are a few ideas on how you can get them involved: Morning clean-up,…

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