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Just as dropping your job application at a company and waiting for the employer’s response, your home loan application goes with the same procedure and should be done with care and experience. The home loan application process can be made faster if you have everything required already organized before going in and along with the application, you should include all the supporting documents as needed to get a loan approved by a lender. Every lender might have its own required documents to make you qualified for a loan, it all varies from lender to lender.

I have put on this home loan application guide about some most important things needed in order for a lender to consider helping you achieve your dream home. Following this guide will have your loan approved in no time.

  1. Identification: Before you even start presenting other documents with a lender, you must first fulfill identification requirements. These requirements should include 100 points of ID in the form of either two primary or just one or more secondary identification document.


  1. Proof of Income: Every lender needs to be sure you have a steady and regular income so your loan payment won’t bring you financial pressure. A lender will ask to see three of your most recent pay slips for employees and if you are self-employed, you’ll need to provide a copy of your most up to date financial statements prepared by an accountant.


  1. Your outgoings and debts: Lenders need to work out your outgoings and see statements showing your current balance on credit cards, loans, store cards, and any hire purchase arrangements.


  1. Bank history: Most lenders will ask to see your bank history, your last six months of bank statements to be precise. These bank history should clearly include your name, the logo of the bank you were working with and the running balance over the time frame.


  1. Evidence of your deposits: Lenders will ask to see bank statements showing your deposits.

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