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You just closed on your new home. Congratulations! Now what?

After going through the long and often arduous process of  buying your new home you might want to unpack and unwind. We get it. The Orlicki Group helps hundreds of buyers finance homes every year. We understand what the mortgage process and home buying experience is like. Before you kick your feet up, give yourself the best opportunity to enjoy your home and knock a few things off your to do list right away. We’ve broken the list up into a few categories so you can tackle them in stages.


When our buyers move into a home most of the time the house has been prepped and staged for sale which is a great start. Some of the areas that really need to be cleaned may have been overlooked so now is a great time to get personal with your new house.

First thing to look at is all the filters that might have been ignored. Get to know what sizes you need for any water or air filtration systems and order some new ones and make a list of the types and where to buy so you don’t have to scramble down the road. To start clean all your water spouts and check all water system filters and aeration filters. Next take a look at the air filters, ducts and kitchen hood if you have one. Dig into the dryer vent and clear out all the lint you can.

After the minor details are completed and you’ve kicked up all that dust give the house a deep cleaning. Before you stack in all the furniture it’s much easier to clean, scrub and dust all the nooks and crannies. You never know what might have been missed or ignored when the home was being polished for sale.


Moving into a new area can be difficult. You’re starting a new life including replacing all those contractors and services you were utilizing in your old town. If you’re lucky enough to have moved in the same area you can skip this step or take a few minutes and double check you have the best options available. Your realtor, mortgage professional, and local insurance agent are great places to ask for referrals. If you’re moving into a condo make sure you get the information for any on-site maintenance personnel should you need them.

Make a list of a services or contractor for anything you might need in case of an emergency or a quick fix. Plumbers, electricians, landscapers, and other handymen are usually much easier to get a hold of and get to your home if you know them ahead of time.

Find out who the best local businesses are while you’re at it. Get suggestions for your gym, dry cleaner, tailor, grocery store and niche places. It’s great to browse around online but better to get the inside scoop from someone who’s been living there for a while.


Your new home might already be in great shape, safe and secure but best not to leave anything to chance. Change all exterior locks and check to make sure all windows are secure when closed and locked. Update any security system passwords and access codes.

Change any smoke detectors if they appear to be more than 10 years old. If they are newer replace all the batteries. Double check the date on the fire extinguisher and if needed purchase a new one. If you upsized into a larger home pick up a set to place in key areas of access.


Now that you’re done getting your house clean, safe, secure and you know the best places to go now’s a great time to get settled in and meet your neighbors. Walk around your neighborhood in the evening and do some old fashioned door knocking. Even better, plan a party in your new house and have everyone come to you. Getting along with and knowing your neighbors is a key asset to enjoying your new home.

We’re always looking to help buyers who are looking for an easy, enjoyable and affordable mortgage experience. Our service doesn’t end when you close on your home though. The Orlicki Group prides itself in taking care of our clients. If you could benefit from an amazing mortgage experience contact us today to get started or fill out our quick quote form and we’ll get back to you right away.

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