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Taking steps to cut your energy consumption is one undertaking homeowners should definitely accomplish to lower their bills. Energy consumption varies from region to region due to the great differences in their environmental condition. Below are some ways which homeowners can use to save money per bill:

Change out your bulbs, Yes all of them

About 90% of the energy consumed by incandescent light bulbs is given up as heat hence to minimize this loss, remember to turn off the light when you don’t intend to use it! Replacing your lights with LED’s is a great way to help save on costs. You can replace large numbers of your bulbs in the house with LED’s fairly easily these days. Make sure you opt for warm color temperature LED bulbs to replicate the feeling of traditional incandescent bulbs.

Unplug items or use power strips

There’s one very easy hack that a lot of people don’t realize can save them a decent chunk of money. Make sure that you unplug items you don’t use often and high draw items when you are not using them. The easiest way to do this? Power strips or easy on / off switches can be installed to group items together and make power cycling devices simple and quick. It’s a very easy and basic way to cut energy consumption. Not sure which devices are taking up a lot of power? Get an energy monitor and test them out.

Opt for efficient appliances

When buying your appliances, it’s always important to buy those of good energy rating and efficiency, which will cut energy consumption in your home. There are lots of appliances that you can update and save. Air conditioners, dehumidifiers, toasters, coffee makers are all smaller items you can take a look at prior to swapping out larger appliances. Websites like Energysage and EnergyStar can help you decide whether or not the change is worth it for your bigger ticket items. Changing out larger and older appliances is often the biggest way you can impact your utility bills and cut energy consumption. If you’re looking for funds to overhaul a bigger central heating or cooling system or hot water system we can help you utilize the equity in your home to do so at a lower cost than credit cards.

Go cold with your laundry

Another important energy consuming factor in the house is laundry. Using cold water will help reduce energy costs. While there are certain items you should still launder in warm or hot water for health reasons most of your clothes will actually get just as clean in cold water. Cold water also keeps your clothes more colorful and hold shape over hot water.

Upgrade your shower head

When was the last time you looked at a new shower head? These days there are all sorts of awesome options that are great at saving water. Check your shower head! Newer shower heads not only give you more pressure most times but can have very nice rain like effects while still saving you money.

Smarten up your thermostat

Get a programmable thermostat. New smart thermostats regulate the amount of heat needed based on your schedule and needs. You can even program some of the newer ones into your phone and smart home tools to change while you’re away. One of the more popular smart thermostats, nest, can save you up to 15% on your utilities and pay for itself within 2 years.

Give your gadgets some rest

We live in a world on laptops, phones, tablets, tv’s and other high usage devices. Make sure you program your gadgets to go into sleep mode when they are not in use and only charge them when you need to. Constantly charging your devices isn’t necessary and can even cause drain on the battery of the device more quickly over time.

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