Congratulations on taking the first big step to partnering with us here at The Orlicki Group. We’re dedicated to not only helping you and your clients with the best mortgage experience but also to partner with you in the growth of your business!

What are the next steps?

Free Tools and Your Partner Action Session

There are two things you can do in order to capitalize on our Partner Advantage Program. Below are some free tools to get you started. Make sure you book your first Partner Action session with our team below so we can start helping you grow today.

Here at The Orlicki Group our team is experienced in assisting Realtors in their growth. We have the tips, tools and guidance to help professionals like you reach the next level.


Our Partner Advantage program is offered to agent’s we work with who are looking to grow their business. You’ve already met with Alyson and reviewed the program. Below you can view a few small points and review of the Advantage program.

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In the world of mortgages not all are created equal. By partnering with a broker instead of a banker you and your clients will be afforded a higher level of service, better pricing and a stronger relationship. Check out the PDF below for a full breakdown of the Broker Advantage.

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Many agents want to build up their reviews online. Our VP of Marketing & Technology can guide you through the process of automating your review gathering. Below is a book of free email, voicemail and SMS scripts to jump start your review gathering.

Download Your Scripts


Many agents haven’t touched their bios in years. Now is a great time to reassess your existing bios online, revamp them and

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Is your email signature in need of some sprucing up? Do you have a call to action that engages your potential clients? Is your headshot updated? We can rework your existing signature to make it look new, clean and properly market to your clients.

Book Your Advantage Section

Download the quick PDF guides to our Partner Advantage and Broker Advantage to the right. They provide you with a basic overview of how our team can help you with your business and a breakdown of how the broker platform helps you and your clients through every transaction.


To kick off your Partner Advantage experience we’ve provided you some free tools to the left. Our Bio Optimization Guide allows you to rework your online bios and the Review Gathering Scripts are a frequent request we get from new Partner Advantage realtors. Want guidance or accountability implementing this? Book your appointment below.

Book Your Action Session Today

Take the next step and book your Advantage Action session today and kickstart the next 6 months of your business now.

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Simply pick a time that works best for you and you’ll be sent a confirmation for our zoom meeting. The session will take roughly 30 minutes.