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Agent Mastermind Program

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Welcome to the Orlicki Group Agent Mastermind program!

We’re excited to have you as a part of our group of select agents for this great program. I would like to personally welcome you to the group.


I’m sure you’re wondering… Well that’s great but, WHAT IS IT?! 


Agent Mastermind is a training course for you that allows us to help you grow your business with up to date tools, systems, and strategies that tie into social media and technology. Properly implemented, this program has the potential to send your business to new heights!


I want to reach out to you and give something that no else is offering you. I want to work at building our future business relationship! Would you rather have a free lunch and coffee or INVALUABLE business info that has the potential to earn you more money? Are you tired of scouring the web to find those new tricks and tools to grow your business? How does having them EMAILED TO YOU WEEKLY SOUND?


Some of the prior class topics are below to give you a quick look into the topics we cover:

  • Farming your database
  • Phoneburner for agents
  • Unleash the power of Social Media
  • Having your business at your fingertips – Evernote for Real Estate


You will be getting our weekly invites from now on so make sure you keep checking those emails and registering for the free classes. Keep looking out for your next big tip that could potentially change the way you do business or click below to register for our next strategy session! 


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